Multi Award Winning Hair Care - Formulated with Hair Extensions in Mind, using over 99% naturally derived ingredients

Our unique hair care system, formulated to the specifications of award winning hair extensionist Georgie Fox, uses cutting edge natural ingredients to offer unparalelled shine and softness to both natural hair and hair extensions, whilst being kind on your application method. We aim to offer the best quality and most effective hair care products, with an amazing scent made to our specifications by a world renowned fragrance house in Paris, at a non-prohibitive price.

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Verified Trustpilot Reviews

The best shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried ! And I’ve tried a lot. I would say It’s better than ola plex. Will definitely repurchase when I’ve used it up x

Hannah Beck - 15th August 2022

Been using the shampoo and conditioner range since they got brought out and they keep my extensions looking healthy and shiny. The products smell amazing and make your hair so soft, I wouldn’t use another product ✨

Kirsty Lyon - 3rd May 2022

The most perfect shampoo and conditioner combo 🤩 leaves your hair feeling so clean and smells absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for natural hair and extensions - nothing I’ve used beats it

Amy McCarthy - 5th April 2022

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What Makes Us Different

We have carefully selected every ingredient to ensure our products are as effective and enviromentally friendly as they can be. A common issue amongst sulphate free shampoo and conditioners is that they tend not to lather as well as products where sulphates are present. We have searched high and low for the newest and most exciting ingredients available to rectify this problem, and we are delighted with the results. We're sure you will be too!